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        地址 廣東梅縣程江鎮滸洲村
        電話 0753-2311652/2566389
        傳真 0753-2566389
        郵箱 1217634269@qq.com
          梅州市梅縣區嘉俊金柚食品廠 -- 公司簡介





        Introduction of JIAJUN Golden-Pomelo Foodstuffs Factory

            JIAJUN Golden-Pomelo Foodstuffs Factory was found in 1998 in Meixian county,Meizhou City,Guangdong province.It’s a landscape style factory area,which occupies land of more than 4000 square meters with a professional staff of 60 employees and 20 production technicians.2000 local farmers are brought along.Our factory is situated at a great-view place with fresh air and being surrounded by undulant mountains and tender stream.Thanks to the convenient transportation and the pollution-free location,this place became the best choice for food processing industry.
            As the original town of Golden-Pomelo,Meizhou is the first-class base for Golden-Pomelo production.Our factory gained rich resources of golden-pomelo,which enable us to focus on the development of golden-pomelo preserves.The pomelo peel preserves,is made by traditional techniques combine with modern advanced processing equipment.The golden product tastes sweet and refreshing,which comes with the original fruit flavour.According to the Compendium of Materia Medica,pomelo peel has special efficiencies of Eliminating phlegm,Nourishing lung,relieving a cough and good help for digestion.Moreover,as a local souvenir, it enjoys a good reputation among customers.Our products are selling countrywide includes supermarket,local product store,Hongkong & Marco area,Taiwan and so on.
            With highly support of the government in years,our enterprise developed rapidly.Having upgraded the product facilities,which enabled us to strongthen our technical force with modern advanced production equipment and test equipment.To research and develop more than 20 kinds of deep processing products of golden- pomelo and dried vegetable.The production has to strictly comply with national health standards and technical standards.To guarantee the product quality and protect the health of consumers.As the first enterprise passed the QS identification in 2006,meanwhile,in October,the JIAJUN dried golden-pomelo gained the honor of Famous Product in Guangdong Province.In 2008,we were awarded for the Giant Agriculture Enterprise in Meizhou.From 2010 to 2015,we got honors of the Contract and Accredit Honoring Unit.
            Our factory adheres to a business faith,which is based on quality and honest,to get progress by benefit and creat a famous brand with developed science.We will strive to extend our business to international market and make an excellent brand –JIAJUN.

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